Wintermute == Success;

The wintermute project was quite a success, all the remaing boards have been sold. And the resulting builts are all fonctional. I mus also make some shameless add for Elecrow PCB manufacturing. That was the second time I ordered things form them and everything went smoothly.

There were some stuff I didn’t really like on the board, the lofi speaker has a very poor bandwith for such application, and the battery holder took to much space. Both costed a lot and wasted boardspace.

I decided to take them off and add a lofi PT2399 delay instead, and this time with the glorious SMD parts (0805). For sure it’s less diy-friendly but SMD isn’t that hard, come one…


I’ve no ideas for the price yet and this time only the board will be available let’s first see if there’re interest in it. If you’d like one, send me an email (in the about section). Depending on that, I may launch a run.

And it is very strange to meet a American for New Mexico waiting for the train in my town, I felt like in a K. Dick book, did it really happen ?


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Before the end (of the year)

here are three movies that could save you last hour of 2016. All are in black and white and are more or less trippy on their own rights. They are quite obscure and weird which make them even better.

Tetsuo (1989)



The story of a man who attracs all things metal because of a previous action. The plot isn’t more developped that than but the rest is something of strange beauty. There’s some quite disturbing images and the black and white makes it even more sureal. The film is full of ideas and strange things. It strangely reminded me of some early Godflesh albums, someting darker, intense and without any kind of concessions.

A Field In England (2013)



A bit less dark but not less psychedelic. Deserters of the english civil war find themself at the mercy of somekind of shaman and magic mushrooms. A man who run like a dog in a leash isn’t something that you’re accustomed to see and may leave you a bit chocked. Plus, the cinematography and images and wonderful with some very clever tricks.

Hard to be god (2014)


Maybe the more cryptic of the three. It is in Russian, it last 3hours, and in black and white. For most pepole only one of those reasons suffice to leave the room. It’s hard to follow and can make you feel a bit nauseous as the entire film is set in rain, mudd and shit. Add to that, a army of morrons that the protagonist must live with to save the little he has to save. However, I don’t know why, I watched it maybe because of the beautiful work produced, the imagery and the picture made of a decaying world which doesn’t want to evolve.

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WinterMute(6) – READY

the project is finished, the reamining boards are for sell with some components.

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WinterMute(5) – protoboard


The thing is almost finish, it still misses some components though. The good new is :

img_20161212_140512 img_20161212_140606There’s sound at the output !

I need a good camera but I hope we can still see what’s going on…

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Wintermute(4) – PCB


PCB have landed. Still some component to receive and order.

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midi controller – old style

I’ve been asked to do something about an old Rolls MP80 midi switcher. The idea is to send midi note off/on to trigger samples into Ableton (which allows midi assignations).

It appears that everything was done with digital logic (no microcontrollers). img_20161117_121857img_20161117_121813

The fact that the board can be removed made the design of a new pcb doable and cheap. The new PCB is smaller and with less components. The new board will microcontroller powered, it’ll be easier to modify the code and reprogram the thing to do many other midi related thing with it.

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Wintermute noise machine(3)

I’m about to order a batch of pcb for the wintermute project. I found very refreshing to work on things that don’t need CV, bipolar power supply, and writting code.


I’ve ideas for offering somekind of Workshop in the blackhole of a city I’m living in. I think that kind of noise thing is a great canditate for initiating poeple to electronics that make sound.

I’ll certainly have more PCBs that I really need, the remaining ones would be for sale, let me know if you’re interested.

Note that for simplicity reasons, the PCB version won’t have the piezzo. The idea of the pcb is to contain everything in a small format (keep price low).

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Wintermute Noise machine(2)


The noise is done and showing off. Here some samples of it :

Although I had doubts about the all thing, now I consider it as a very nice explorary tool. The on-board delay could also be a nice feature to fatten up the sound (a small PT2399 could be cheap enough).

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Wintermute Noise machine

This is a project which is more about noise and experimental stuff. If Merzbow is music to your ears, this can be of interest to you.


That project was inspried by the BugBrand Weevil and its many variations. I wanted to make something easy to build, not kill too many brain cells in the process, and get something that could be used as experimental “sound toy”.

I liked the idea of touch plate as short-circuit with the skin playing somekind of resistor to include oneself into the circuit. I kept the idea and used coins (soldering to them wasn’t that bad actually…). It also includes a piezzo glued to the back where you can hit the surface (where the weird shape is located on the front)

I’ve no hope for the speaker to sound good, mediocre at best. But this makes it portable and maybe more appealing.

The case is an enlarged version of the Mutable instrument shruthi case made of MDF. It isn’t pretty but plexi is to fragile for the application and not sure if it will be melting with the glue gun to put the coins on. Maybe real wood could make of it a nicer looking object, oiled with a bit of “true oil”. Other than that, No issue at all, That’s the beauty of SVG files.

I’m waiting for potentiometers to arrive and finish it. I’m currently tweaking the circuit. It is a noise box, but it doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t take care of details.

Once everything’s done, the schematic and case will be published. I’ll record some sounds as well.

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