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  1. I admire your interests in all things DALEK…this is good..
    Wanted to ask your assistance on a simple “inductor-less” ring modulator for
    the Dalek Voice.
    The 1494 quad linear sounds lovely but, the plus-minus voltages would probably
    require a charged pump IC thingy.

    Any ideas, during this 50th anniversary of Doctor Who?

  2. hi,
    do you mean the TL1494 from linear technology ? According to the datasheet it seems to be a real over the top op amp. Maybe more required for extra precision electronic circuit. From a technologic point of view, I don’t know if it could be really useful in a Ring mod circuit (in regard to its performances). Beside , its extreme specifications must lead it to a high price.

    In my humble opinion for a ring mod you don’t really need a real high performances devices such as the TL1496. A more simpler audio op amp will do the job nicely . The VCO could be created with a LM358 or LM324 (quand op amp) or any other general purposes rail to rail op-amp.

    For a inductorless (you mean without transformer, right ? ) ring mod you can use a LM13700 . Look at the “amplitude modulator” in its datasheet . Even the simplest VCA can give a ring mod with a modulation source oscillating in audio spectrum. There’s a project using it for a ring mod in a book called “the stompbox cookbook” from Nicholas Boscorelli . The pages of this project are available on the internet I think.

    Some people also use (used) the classic demodulator chip MC1496 but it needs a more complex circuit and trimers which have to be set for good operations. A fuller circuit but the bleedthrough is maybe better. (DOD gunkolator could give an idea of the circuit )

    If i can be more helpul , let me know!

  3. Gordon

    An analog multiplier chip like the MPY634 is another option if cost is not an issue. ( They are around $15.00 each for 1K units ) They can be used as ring modulators, vca’s, triangle to sine converters and frequency doublers and other unusual functions, like taking the square root of a signal. Could potentially make some interesting signal processing blocks in an electronic music setup

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