What’s new ?

I have not posted much on this blog recently. I decided to stop updating it. It isn’t suited for the application anymore. All things will be posted on http://rumorofsmoke.com/ for now.  I don’t know yet what to do with this blog as everything has been ported to the website.

However, here are three of the most recent projects:

a shamefull rip-off of the make noise pressure point, all (stupid) analog using comparator, flipflop and analog switches. I won’t do it again and use a microcontroller with capacitive sensors instead.


a Tremolo pedal that records incoming signal and turns it into a wave plus few other things (inspired by the “hollow earth” tremolo by Sonic Crayon)


A smaller version of the synthi biscuit with an ARM processor.



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  1. Andrew

    Nice to hear from you after so long, I also like the website.
    Judging from the control panel on th Make Noise, it looks like you have got a laser engraver. You probably all ready know this, but just in case you (or any one reading this) have not. Here’s a link to using a low power laser to etch glass, a method which can be adapter to etching aluminium control panels once etched, paint could be rubbed into the roughened surface, making two tone panels possible !

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