Rolls Midi Rework

I spent quite a long time to see if the coordinates of the various elements were right as I didn’t have the orignal datas. But now it is time to see if there’s no poopoo. The all thing will be driven by the cheap-ass STM32f030K6 (less than 1 euros).

At that price, sorry Atmel, but I think I’ll switch for it instead of the atmega 328. There’re drawbacks (no DIP package and 3V3 which may need to be elevated to 5V with additional logic for some applications). Nonetheless, it remains an interesting alternative, for a cheaper price with better performances (although it doesn’t really make a change in here)

I managed to put input to all the vacant pins to allow the board to be used for other MIDI purposes. Mainly to not let the reaming boards unbuilt.


I also finally updated my old Kicad (2013) version. The new features are really  appreciable. The search function in EEschema is better and quicker. The 3D view is largely better as well. I did have many complains to make in the first place though.


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