Wintermute == Success;

The wintermute project was quite a success, all the remaing boards have been sold. And the resulting builts are all fonctional. I mus also make some shameless add for Elecrow PCB manufacturing. That was the second time I ordered things form them and everything went smoothly.

There were some stuff I didn’t really like on the board, the lofi speaker has a very poor bandwith for such application, and the battery holder took to much space. Both costed a lot and wasted boardspace.

I decided to take them off and add a lofi PT2399 delay instead, and this time with the glorious SMD parts (0805). For sure it’s less diy-friendly but SMD isn’t that hard, come one…


I’ve no ideas for the price yet and this time only the board will be available let’s first see if there’re interest in it. If you’d like one, send me an email (in the about section). Depending on that, I may launch a run.

And it is very strange to meet a American for New Mexico waiting for the train in my town, I felt like in a K. Dick book, did it really happen ?


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