Before the end (of the year)

here are three movies that could save you last hour of 2016. All are in black and white and are more or less trippy on their own rights. They are quite obscure and weird which make them even better.

Tetsuo (1989)



The story of a man who attracs all things metal because of a previous action. The plot isn’t more developped that than but the rest is something of strange beauty. There’s some quite disturbing images and the black and white makes it even more sureal. The film is full of ideas and strange things. It strangely reminded me of some early Godflesh albums, someting darker, intense and without any kind of concessions.

A Field In England (2013)



A bit less dark but not less psychedelic. Deserters of the english civil war find themself at the mercy of somekind of shaman and magic mushrooms. A man who run like a dog in a leash isn’t something that you’re accustomed to see and may leave you a bit chocked. Plus, the cinematography and images and wonderful with some very clever tricks.

Hard to be god (2014)


Maybe the more cryptic of the three. It is in Russian, it last 3hours, and in black and white. For most pepole only one of those reasons suffice to leave the room. It’s hard to follow and can make you feel a bit nauseous as the entire film is set in rain, mudd and shit. Add to that, a army of morrons that the protagonist must live with to save the little he has to save. However, I don’t know why, I watched it maybe because of the beautiful work produced, the imagery and the picture made of a decaying world which doesn’t want to evolve.


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