Wintermute Noise machine

This is a project which is more about noise and experimental stuff. If Merzbow is music to your ears, this can be of interest to you.


That project was inspried by the BugBrand Weevil and its many variations. I wanted to make something easy to build, not kill too many brain cells in the process, and get something that could be used as experimental “sound toy”.

I liked the idea of touch plate as short-circuit with the skin playing somekind of resistor to include oneself into the circuit. I kept the idea and used coins (soldering to them wasn’t that bad actually…). It also includes a piezzo glued to the back where you can hit the surface (where the weird shape is located on the front)

I’ve no hope for the speaker to sound good, mediocre at best. But this makes it portable and maybe more appealing.

The case is an enlarged version of the Mutable instrument shruthi case made of MDF. It isn’t pretty but plexi is to fragile for the application and not sure if it will be melting with the glue gun to put the coins on. Maybe real wood could make of it a nicer looking object, oiled with a bit of “true oil”. Other than that, No issue at all, That’s the beauty of SVG files.

I’m waiting for potentiometers to arrive and finish it. I’m currently tweaking the circuit. It is a noise box, but it doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t take care of details.

Once everything’s done, the schematic and case will be published. I’ll record some sounds as well.


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