prototyping(3) – WinterMute


I’ve just finished “wintermute” (that its code name). It has been a long work. Full of wires and dead braincells (for a good cause).

One of the goal was to keep the design simple and cheap (very cheap!). Which I find being a great challenge. Having constrains is so much more interesting to work with ! (and I hate expensive and hard to get components)

The current microcontroller is the trusty atmega 328p however the next prototype will certainly be equiped with an ARM stm32f030xx. Its price being its only adavantage over the 328 as the processor has not much to do (switching, DAC update and midi reception). Although we’re thinking about adding more digital audio stuff.

The ARM stm32f030k6 is a powerful little device with multiplexed pin for peripherals. However, a bit more complicated that the regular 8bit micro in terms of setting up registers. Also, it doesn’t come in PDIP package, the only “easy” manageable package is the LQP32 that one can solder on an adaptor (which I did)

here a short sample made exclusively with Wintermute, in one take and no reverb (as I’ve been asked about it). Although that kind of stuff isn’t its primary goal.



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