the joy of prototyping

I haven’t posted much recently. The heat is actually killer.

I’m currently involved in an interesting project.


For obvious reasons I can’t talk much about it, and  I’ll offer only vague pictures of it. This is the pure prototype of the project. Boards will be connected via ribbon cables (way more efficient to work with, each board can be tested and debugged independently).

The all thing will be controlled by the microcontroller (at the moment the trusty atmega 328P and NO ****** arduino). Although the code size is rather small it isn’t impossible that we’ll use something cheaper and smaller (I’d like to use an ARM processor but for such limited thing, won’t it be a waste of power ?) .

More Pictures will come I guess.




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2 responses to “the joy of prototyping

  1. ” I’d like to use an ARM processor but for such limited thing, won’t it be a waste of power ?”

    I know nothing about Processors but I would not worry about wasted processing power, after all, you might want to add more features in the future. I can’t count the number of times I have built something only to realize, six months down the line, that I wished I could add an extra this or that !

    If the extra cost and complexity is marginal, I’d say: Go for it !

  2. hi,
    the ARM proc I’m thinking about is even cheaper. But with those embedded things you also have to consider the avaliablity(and price) of the tool you need (sofware).

    It is more a philosophical question really. I could feel a bit guilty of using such high power processor for a very low level application. Besides, it’s fun to get the more you can of those little 8bit. But you’re right, for production my philosophical questioning isn’t relevant. What matters at the end is the result.

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