From the depths

Some followers may remember this project of mine. A sequencer with any sort of knob and control.


It turns out that the fewer controls you have on you machine, the less fun you get. REALLY! It haven’t been used for many times for this reason. Those are things you can only figure out once the machine is built and your idea concrete. It is even truer for musical instruments that must remain fun and headache free with a very well thought interface.

However, the machine uses MIDI input and I decide to not trash it but to re-write the firmware to give all controls over midi. The machine will gain a maxiumun of controls and, I hope, more fun.

there’re some very cheap MIDI controllers (the beringher BR something) that cost less than a hundred euros.

I’m also thinking about making a module with the idea. It may be an interesting solution to not having a massive HP hungry module.

The hardware also could make use of a good revision (it’s horrible now that I think about it).


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