The first module has been built and tortured all the possible ways. It survived.

the front panel are about to be ordered, so for those who could be interested here’s the manual for the module (bear in my mind it’s only the draft, so things will be added and removed):


a soundclip, others will be made and added :




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2 responses to “Synthi-Biscuit

  1. hello! this looks really simple and handy, in some ways similar to peaks.
    given that you have a gate in, an out and two knobs, why don’t you implement a simple attack-decay algorhythm as well?
    with that extra function it would really be a little modulation workhorse!
    especially if you manage to have those env really snappy 😉
    you might put in different flavors (log decay, linear decay, expo decay)

    • hi !
      Yes, that idea was to keep it simple and easy to use. The only thing is to memorize what the number is for the fonctions.

      Actually there were more algorythms produced but dues to some design limitations those algorythms weren’t up to my liking. They were envelope generator, digital noise generator (similar to 8bit video game sound, or the module I made called “robtonik”), some digital hi-hat simulator where the sampling rate could be reduced to have very noisy sound (I love noise/harsh and digital madness), gate delay and other idea. Those will maybe be made real in the next version.

      For the enveloppe generator, it wasn’t snappy and was limited to 5V peak (whereas the eurorack “standard” is 8V). More of a general purpose envelope. Might be sufficient though for a digital input module, those which require 0-5V signal.

      the thing is, I need a last fonction to call it finished.

      I listened to your performance, really great !

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