almost done

I realised that it’s been a month since I posted something.

The boards are almost completed and everything is working fine. I have no use for 10 indentical modules, so they’ll be for sale.

The cost for front panels for such small quantity is significant.  I don’t really want them to be plastic, although acrylic works well but I’m not confident enough for things to sell. (I remember breaking the shruthi case…).

The module is a 3 X 10 fonctions module. I though of it as a modulation box for my own use into a small system.

I’ll make a proper webpage and stuff for that particular project once everything is done.

I need now to decide the aluminium’s color, black or the boring doepfer look ?

as well as the most annoying part, the price.



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2 responses to “almost done

  1. With respect to the Front Panels. I have been experimenting with Water Slide Decals. The following method seems promising (but still needs more experimentation).
    Once I have created my front panel graphic I print it to a water slide decal MIRROR IMAGE. and then leave it to dry for a few hours.

    Once the decal is fully dried. I apply a thin even coat of water based polyurethane varnish to the aluminium. Then carefully lay the decal ink-side down on the the varnish while it is still tacky. Being careful to remove any air bubbles. Then press down firmly and leave it to dry with a heavy weight on it to keep it flat.

    Once It is dry (the next day???) I put it in a bowl of tepid water for about one minute at which point the paper backing comes away leaving the decal stuck to the aluminium, with no tears or wrinkles!!, I then gently dabbed the decal to make sure it was stuck down and left it to dry over a warm radiator for a few hours.
    It can then be varnished again. On my last attempt I used a can of spray varnish, I gave it two coats and it seemed pretty tough and hard wearing.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Hi,

    Looks like an interesting solution. I’ve seen some applications on guitar pedal and headstock guitar. it is still a bit to much work for me though, I’m such a lazy man…To be honest, for my own stuff I don’t mind the lack of labelling. The acrylic panel is cheap and solid enough although not very sexy.

    However there’s a thing that I’d like to try, it’s the engraving : (in french)

    But there’s still the issue of sourcing the aluminium panels (could be so much simpler if I had space for big tools…).

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