Eurocrack boards…

i finally received the boards I ordered from Elecrow. And it turns out…wait for it. IT WORKS! even the faceplate fits good ! It’s a miracle or the result of my attentive detailed care. you decide I either can’t or won’t be neutral in the statement…


It was an interesting and fascinating experience. Making a schematic isn’t even near half the work of a possible product. Then you have to deal with components selection. This part can be a challenge actually. It can quickly lead to a reduced set of parts especially if user and mechanical hardware are involved . There’s some interesting posts from the Haverstman about this particular point and why he took the unbolted  potentiometer approch (as well as make noise). Add to that, the faceplate work.

It is clear that for a one-off project it isn’t worth it at all ! In terms of time + expense it isn’t a good choose (but I wanted to try the all thing on my own).

acrylyc plexiglass isn’t the cutest faceplace. I need to find a proper aluminium for the 10 remaining circuits.

Yes, there’re 10 left to be built and some code to write (code doesn’t write itself)


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