Eurocrack Boards


Received the board last week. I hope I haven’t made a poo-poo in the salad. If it is ok and as I don’t really need 10 of the same circuit, it is not impossible that the remaining will be for sell (I don’t know under what format, fully built, bare pcb…).

For those who could be interested, it’s a 3X10 fonctions (maybe more) module for eurorack (ranging from slow LFO to burst gate generator). It has been designed for my own need ( a compact multi-fonction module) but I guess it could be of interest to other eurocrack comsumers…

The software is almost done also !!

I used Elecrow in China, I’m happy with the result. There’re no errors on their part. They sent emails for each steps of the production, and a photo before shipping. It cost me 53euros with shipping. Not bad.

Green soldermask isn’t as sexy as red or blue but I wanted to limit risks (and price). Good things being it seems that I haven’t made mistakes in the footprints.

Soldering SMD isn’t that difficult regardless what people can say!

Now comes the anger, the boards came from China, It took 2 weeks without any kind of issues. I buy lot of stuff from China and they always arrive good. I used a national carrier for the acrylic front panel coming from the south of France. They manage to “lose” the package within 30Km. Even more, they take me for an idiot telling me that the package has arrived when it cleary didn’t. Fantastic !

Sometimes they’re things I don’t understand…


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