Hit Hat simulator


not very complicated on its own. The idea of the switching transistor is taken from Roland Drum machine. The comparator’s components at the “+” input isn’t critical, 0.01uf cap and 220k resistors do the trick.



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3 responses to “Hit Hat simulator

  1. Gordon

    Cool. Roland schematics are very inspirational. I like the digital noise generator in the TR909, although it’s hard to get the 4006’s now. I bought up a few just before they became obsolete. I have another Roland inspired circuit that I call “Complex Waveform Generator”, is based on 40106 hex Schmitt invertors, tuning is facilitated by varying the supply voltage to the 40106. If you are interested I can email it to you.

    • hi,

      sorry for the delayed response.

      indeed Roland early circuits are very interesting. I really like transistor-based circuits.

      The buchla 100 system is mostly built with transistors for instance. The early moog module as well.

      could be great to see what you’ve done with the 40106!

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