the annoyance of viruses

here’s the most annoying thing on earth, a so-called “virus”. Those things are actually fun to write…You won’t find an .exe because surely WordPress will shit its pants and it will also avoid it being use mindlessly. This requires you to have at least a compiler, the required files and the minimun knowledge to know what to do and what you shouldn’t do with it.

nonetheless you can find the source code in here:

a bit of pointers,adress,structures ect…

Briefly the program checks regularly if the minute has changed, if so it branches and launches a bunch of crap. The code is very simple, it uses system(…) (which is equal to writing into the command prompt). More complicated scheme can be added.

This IS VERY ANNOYING even for me who wrote it ! if you put this into someone else computer, Imagine launching a web browser with a Justin Bieber video…That will be very evil…

traditionally, this piece of code is hidden into what may seem a genuine program. Although it should be a bit more discreet…

Another good exercise is to write a keylogger.


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