Magic Smoke

What happen when you’re a bit tired and don’t really want to use a multimeter to verify what may seem obvious? After all, manufacters should be smart enough to protect their device against silly stuff, especially in the modular world where the user has to do the installment regarding power supply. What could be accepetable for dumb guitar pedal makers, shouldn’t be near a proper eurorack modular manufacter, more than that, the father of the eurorack.

Well no, here’s what happend when you reverse the power supply on a doepfer Module :

IMG_2473_03Now, can someone explain to me the cost of the diode on a BOM, or even a polarised header (which is very cheap from CHina) and the cost of replacing a module for the end user. Don’t know…



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2 responses to “Magic Smoke

  1. Bummer, hope it won’t cost you too much. It is sooooo easy to do and so annoying. I do agree with you, one little diode could have saved a lot of hassle.

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