(un)Realistic reverb (1)

I’ve been asked to modify to a very cheap “realistic” reverb sold under Radioshack brand. I thought that it could an interesting process to document in here.

I started with something very simple. First of all, increase the gain of the feedback path to obtain very “cloody” feedback. Easy, I made IC4-A gain stage variable. I changed R21 for a 50Kpot.

Then, I made something a bit more destructive but fun nonetheless if one likes noisy delay. I simply reduce the clock speed of the BBD to suck all the juice out of the poor MN3207. You can obtain longer delay at the price of them being a bit noisy.

realistic-reverb-schematicAt first glance I wasn’t very conceived but once I plugged it with the modular I needed one ! It adds that very crusty reverb sound which suits very well with the sound. If I found cheap one or two, I’ll made several VCA into it to control the signal path.


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