Mr Khan President

As you may imagine since the horror of last week we’re bombarded with informations, even so that the media don’t let you digest anything about it.  I won’t repeat it because what could be really added to those acts ?!

However, the most suprising fact (actually it isn’t. Islam has been a great way for shithead politics to do electoral manoeuvres for years) is the total lack of Islam representation in the media regarding the horror we faced. They’re in my opinion the first people concerned about this plague who use their name for atriocious acts. And yet, no one was invented on television or big events to express their view on it. They were load of “expert” and shithead politics but no muslim at all where they should have been the first people to get contacted. One week later, still nothing. It would have been a great way to avoid stupid attack that have already been done. It is simply a shame. Media just wait for muslim people to get attacked to permit their speech of peace, but as victims.

Because obviously medias and politics don’t give a crap and are way more interested to use them as electoral goal than anything else, I think it is now time for muslims to step up, express themself and distance themself from those who use their religion to do the unnamable. We’re all in the same boat after all regardless what some people may let you think (and not only as a country, I hate nationalism, but everywhere on this planet) !

(I didn’t know what pictures put to illustrate. I like to keep things no that dark. I thought Mr Khan was a good candidate to this idea of communities living together. I don’t know how the show is perceived elsewhere to be not honnest. It had never been aired in here either. (in France ? don’t  be crazy will you!) but that the feeling I have whatching that silly Mr Khan)



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2 responses to “Mr Khan President

  1. Gordon

    I totally agree with you. Politicians always need a scapegoat to blame for all the worlds problems, so that they don’t have to deal with them. Right now the Muslims are the scapegoats and like sheep the average person believes this crap, well they do here in the UK anyway. How can bombing innocent women & children in Syria make up for what happened last week. It is shit in every way and the only ones to benefit from this are the shithead politicians and their friends in the arms industry.

  2. thanks for your post Gordon !

    they believe that crap even here actually. Few years ago, the governement decided to launch a “republicain question” that people could discuss: “laicity in society”. Behind all the smoke that was cleary targered to Islam and people only talked about that anyway.

    Since last week event, it’s the flag business which is running good. the President asked for people to have the flag on their window, everybody has a flag. I don’t mind, but it’s weird as we’re not accustomed to that kind of things.I guess you can do whatever you want with people, just find the right moment.
    The semantic is also interesting as they only speak about “France” and not society as a whole. I’m feeling very weird with that light nationalism. I’m may be paranoiac but there’s some election to come in few weeks…

    Vice posted the interview of Jesse Hughes on youtube. I really didn’t like the way the made the video (that even posted a trailer for it…) but as no french media dared ask the band, I watched it. Jesse Hughes is absolutely devastated. Very sad to see that man full of energy totally ruined by that crap. Homme said something very nice: “people of earth should stick together”. Even the lowest politician couldn’t think about something that true and simple…

    There was a national hommage yesterday(did they ask the familly for that? I don’t think so) with gloomy music. Some familly didn’t want to participate for obvious reasons. It would have be so more intelligent to invite back the band to play their concert, it’d have been so more lifefull.

    Anyway, I might be a hippy or something because This morning a weirdo asked me if I had some weed to sell…I must look like a hippy.

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