RandomCrapMess(4) – added fonctionalities

Random stuff is great, but I also have  70% of FLASH and 80% RAM left. What a waste. So I decided to add drum patterns. The patterns are coming from the Zularic Repetitor of Noise Engeneering.

Patterns that you can find in the manual (link at the end). Really easy to implement on its own, the harder part would be to put it with the original program. Find a way to make them cohabit and easy to select. I only have a pushbutton and a 7 segment display.

here’s the file : https://github.com/ThebigDickhead/AVR_PROG/blob/master/drum_pattern.h

    uint8_t a;
static uint8_t  b;

a = funk1_pattern[c][0][b];
if(a)     output_reg |= 1<<0;
else    output_reg &=~(1<<0);

a = funk1_pattern[c][1][b];
if(a)     output_reg |= 1<<1;
else    output_reg &=~(1<<1);

a = funk1_pattern[c][2][b];
if(a)     output_reg |= 1<<2;
else    output_reg &=~(1<<2);

a = funk1_pattern[c][3][b];
if(a)     output_reg |= 1<<3;
else    output_reg &=~(1<<3);
if(b>=16) b = 0;

//c is incrementing via a button in main loop.




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