Galactic Americanism

Here’s a though (that you can avoid if you wish so). The other day I was watching Fantastic Four. Why did I watch this ? mostly because the critics were so bad and the movie seemed so differently oriented than the other usual marvels that I had to watch it. Turns out the movie isn’t that bad (it isn’t that good either though) it is just not your regular Marvel Americain Cosmic Crap (MACC) and it has been severely injured by Marvel and money because you can really feel the intention of doing something different.

Avenger 2 is in fact the stupidest marvel of all, and the competitors were serious (yes I watched it, you know those moments of total boredom…).

Anyway, when they arrive on the planet, the first thing they do isn’t about anything remotely scientific or whatever NOPE! they put THE FLAG ! And not a Symbolic flag to symbolise humanity, human kind (I’m pretty sure someone has created one) or whatever, nope nope, the Americain flag ! “IT’S BLOODY OURS NOW SO FUCK OFF!!!”

Today,  I’ve just watched “mission to mars” (not that great either) and you know what…they did the fucking same!


Spending so much money and energy to travel through space to land on an unknown planet, putting lifes at risk for the good of understanding and go looking for answers for the whole world to know and bring all that down on such low level of nationalism and chauvisism. It is just funny…

It’s maybe just me, I certainly just put much thoughts on that kind of things….

But like Eddie Izzard once said “Do you have a Flag?”:


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