I can’t get the tiny chinese ARM board to be programmed (worked few times but no more) therefore I went to this project. I won’t lie, it’s very inspired by the Haverstman Zorlon canon. Good thing being, there’re no technical imformations about the inner working of the module. And cloning is crap, I made my own sauce with the idea.


The top part is a low gate “pseudo random” generator. It creates patterns that can be modified in two ways. With a gate into the “trig” input that will modify the feeback taps linked to the register. All registers can be also modified manualy (length). There’s a pot to control how many register are modified with a “trig” signal.  There’s also a fill input that creates a Roll on a channel.

The lower half is the same things (also stay unchanged but may be changed in the futur, just few line of code) but pushed way higher in frequency. This creates a very “Nitendo VCO”. There’s a mix output that mixes the four voices.

It’s a very weird thing and mostly create very strange patterns :

This all module is based around Linear feedback shift register obviously.



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