ARM yourself

That’s it. I bought an ARM devboard from ST electronics.

And surprisingly it only took me 1/2 hour to get a led blinking. I guess all that AVR register stuff have been benefical. Besides, considering the price of that thing, it was a no-brainer decision.

I must say that this is a BEAST of microcontroller. There’s TONS of stuff in that thing. going from standard UART to digital Camera interface. It even generates its own LFSR and its inthernet interface….It’s almost ridiculous to use it for audio…

I’m using the Coocox Ide, ARM-GCC compiler and the ST-link utility to push the hex into the board.  I’m not really used to those massive IDE where everything is done for you but it works. ST electronics has an horrible website but they provide a load of libraries to get started.

Without surprises I’ll use this for audio DSP purpose. The wavetable VCO has been on hold since I realised that the aliasing was a no-go.I’ve also got a cheap devboard that can be used on a small projet and it’ll be use for that particular use. I’ve just made a cheap code for a  3.5Khz saw_wave without any kind of aliasing. That’s nice !



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