LFSR drum sequencing

Today was a day worth getting up for !

What happens when you add several pseudo-random generators (linear feedback shift register) linked to a digital PORT. A random gate generator ! and pseudo-being it is, it creates patterns ! and If you can modify the structure which produces those patterns you get several different patterns ! I wasn’t sure where I was going to with this, but the result is very interesting I think.

I wrote a tinny program which outputs in text file some key elements of the register depending on the tap used for the feedback

program here : https://github.com/ThebigDickhead/soft/blob/master/lfsr/lfsr_9bit.ccp (it isn’t very friendly and you’ll need an IDE to compile it).

If you know your LFSR and you change the feeback tap you can reduce the number of output and the sequence, make it happen with with a gate and you get something interesting.

I ended up with a list which told me the result of each registers with different tap configuration. Obviously the longest the register is the more random (and long) the pattern is.

Now, stop the boring the stuff that only geekheads are interested in, and here’s a short clip :

There’s a button (which will be a gate) which changes the tap of the register and modify the pattern. A knob decides how many registers are changed. There’re tree channels, a TR808 kick, a TR808 snare and an Hit hat made of a noise/Enveloppe/vca.

I think this project deserves more focus now. I’ll add more entropy inputs.

Could be interesting !


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