Balloon Up – (odd) CV generator

balloon_jpgI was looking for some odd buchla modules and I found out these eardrilling modules. One of which had a balloon metaphor to describe the inner working of it. Don’t know how they did it (but it seemed that they used a micrcontroller) but here’s my take on it. Basically pulses make the voltage across C5 increase or decrease depending on the number of pulses and the settings of the pots. Once the voltage is above 10V, it triggers another comparator which reset the all thing. The balloon metaphor comes here. The more you pulse the lower the more the “gravity” is powerfull and make the balloon go to the ground. The same applies for the upper part where it pumps up the balloon into the sky. I don’t know if this could be of any use. I haven’t breadboarded it yet (and probably won’t).


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  1. Gordon

    The reset part of the circuit is inherently flawed, as the discharge transistor would switch of again as soon as C5 fell below 10 volts again, this good be fixed by putting a capacitor between the cathode of the diode in the reset circuit and ground , this would function as a pulse stretcher.
    TBH not sure what use this could be in an actual synth circuit, but it’s an odd circuit and interesting in its own way.

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