digital LFO – End of the first case

I finally decided to build the digital LFO. Still on MDF unfortunatelly, good for prototyping I guess. And still powered by a lovely 8bit computer (love those)

I wanted to add as many fonctionalities as possible (but not so much for it to become painful to use). So basically, it offers three sub-modules with 4 modes of operations each (hopefully), 2 LFO with wavetable-morphing (which can also become a “arcade noise” reminiscence of those old atari/comodore computer) a square output with differents modes (LFO square or random gate and probably other stuff) and Sample-hold output which can be offset in three ways (It is actually mostly the program wrote for the previous work of the digital lfo)


The sub modules are essentially LFOs with a wavetable for the shape and with sync inputs for both (it resets the phase accumulator). One of the mode’s gonna be a “arcade noise” resembling the old noises used in the 80’s console video games and arcade machines (it actually uses the same principle of lfsr).Those lo-fi digital noises are lovely, so here they are. It’ll be possible to modify the pitch and the duration of the sound (which is gated externally). Ideally I’d like the “duration” knob to work more as a decay control (but still need to figure out how this work in the digital world).

For the LFO point of view, it could probably go as low as 24min (or even lower if you’re not in a rush…stupid joke) to 65hz or 125hz (not decided yet) and everything in between although it’ll be spread into two modes to have a nice amplitude from the potentiometer.

I must say that I really love the SPI protocol, easy and reliable. If the slave chip isn’t responding, the µC doesn’t give a crap and continue to run.

So a nice fully featured module but ugly as shit !! and I don’t really like these buttons. Here are two pictures while the thing is being built (I’m a terrible photographer but the muse isn’t pretty either)


Oh and bad news my case is full, I need another one…(EuroCRACK I heard in the back…)



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