Midi sequencer – Proto 1

Finally, I took time to upload the firmware for the midi sequencer. It is still rough on the edges and probably some strings could be loaded into the FLASH memory but at the moment I don’t really have RAM space issue. For those who’d like a look (be aware that this is a massive file and I haven’t uploaded the libraries yet) : https://github.com/ThebigDickhead/AVR_PROG/blob/master/midi_seq/seq_main.c on the hardware side of it, it’s still…arty-farty looking : IMG_1758 sequencer_midi

edit:the optocoupler is powered by 5V not 12V. Silly me…

So basically, they’re many options and stuff in that thing. You can input notes via the midi interface (more fun to use than previous version of it), transpose the sequences, randomize things up, clocked it with external clock, clock a divider for rythm patterns ect… If one wants more details, drop a message ! Those long hours of coding were actually worth it and it is actually not finished yet, I still need to do the midi_out and some other things. However at this point, it’s a nice piece of kit. Originally, few moths ago I wanted to build that thing in hardware but digital is so much fun and allows so more crazy stuff !


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