Digital VCO (sound)

Here are three samples recorded no long ago demonstrating the digital VCO in action. It goes through a dopefer Wasp filter and is sequenced by the midiseq.




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2 responses to “Digital VCO (sound)

  1. Andrew

    Nice sound with plenty of harmonics for the filter to work with.
    I don’t really know why but, I was expecting a harsher sound (maybe it is the filter softening the sound)….Or is the harsh digital sound next on your list ??

  2. Hi Andrew,

    Actually the filter softens the sound massively and I think that it’d be awful without. I don’t quite remember but I think that the filter for those samples was a single RC filter (I mean right after the DAC) and not the 2poles I’m plaining to use, so it should be even harsher. Although in the three samples I wasn’t using the bit reduction, if used it add distortion and noises (will be CV-able). But indeed the filter helped a lot.

    I was suprised by the sound which came out of it as well. If the pitch is kept into reasonable scale (it doesn’t go very far above 1Khz without noises and aliasing) it works very well even with a 40khz sampling rate. But apparantly some people liked the noise/aliasing.

    For something that I was doing just for fun and learning wavetable/dds it ended up being quite a useable thing. I even managed to get a pot to scan the wavetable creating even more weird waveforms. Although I’ve doubts about the sampling rate control.

    I opened a thread at MuffWiggler if there’s enough interest I may do a PCB run and flashed chips.

    thanks again for your interest Andrew !

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