tube drum machine – Bass Drum

I wanted to leave that digital madness for a moment and go back to the ancestor of all living electronic thing. Some metasonix products came out recently and I get interested in tube drum machine. I read some old Wurtlizer patent and took a look at the “Wurlitzer side man”. I’ve been away from tube for quite sometime now although I like them. The concept isn’t complicated on its own, take any transistor based Twin T filter (as the snare percussion I posted some time ago) and tranpose it to tube world. I’ve quite a stock a tube oriented components which I don’t know what to do with (Originally they were for tube amps but that bored me quite rapidely). I gave it a try and here it is: tube_bass_drum_blog Nothing biggy, this has been done many times before. You can tweak some values to have a larger amplitude of sound. I wanted to record some of it but the Iphone didn’t want to take in sound today (some kind of dirty nanoscopic microphone). It actually sounds pretty punchy and neat. One could build anykind of percussive sound with that topology (as many drum machine maker did), just change the frequency of the circuit (RC time constant). IMG_1763Tubes are funny to play with but annoying in several regards (high voltage, high current, big transformer, place, heat…). So I don’t know if this will have any follow up but it could be a nice project to use some parts left from previous work. I already have ideas for the snare drum with pentodes… Add to that a Gate sequencer and you have yourself a tube based drum machine !!! mumm very interesting…



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2 responses to “tube drum machine – Bass Drum

  1. Fuji

    What tube is that?? Thanks!!

    • the test was with a 12AX7 but any kind of small signal tube could do the trick. You can check some Eric Babour (metasonix) articles about the use of tube in “synth”, it is an interesting read.

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