Sequencer on the way

I haven’t post much recently. However, here’s what the main focus is: the sequencer.  I came to a point where the breadboard became very tiresome and I needed to build the thing to really go further with it. And you can’t really upgrade the project if you don’t use it as you should normally do. A the moment it’s a real mess of wires, but it’ll be cleaned and tied up latter on.

IMG_1758 IMG_1762I won’t go deep into details. It’s rather odd sequencer build upon the corpses of some ideas. It can ouput 2 sequences of 100steps (each) via CV and midi. The 2nd output can be used to send (via CV2, in the analog domain) a midi parameter such as the mod wheel for instance. Notes, for matter of ease, can be inputed via midi keyboard.

The clock can be internal, external or via MIDI clock. Some action button can be triggered with input gates (HEX inverters). It isn’t very elegant but work notheless. I guess an interupt’ can do way better with less components. There’s a lot of CMOS for the only reason that I want to protect as much as possible the µC from bad use.

Several datas can be stored in the eeprom such a midi channel, CV2 output (midi or sequence), the clocking source ect…Sequences could also be saved by not at the moment. seq_01

If there’s any interest I’ll probably do a more detailed post.

Just let’s hope that the next digital project won’t deal with LCD and user-interface. It’s so boring to do (let alone the quantity of bytes lost because of the strings required for the lcd).


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