Dupieux Cinema

I haven’t heard about Dupieux until recently, out of despair for good movies to watch (hard to find in my case). I really enjoyed the three I watched. “Wrong” , the odd story of a man who lost his dog, “Wrong Cops” which presents some mentally deranged (and an interesting Marilyn Manson) cops in LA acting really strangely, and the last one “Rubber”. If you like absurdism and surealism in a rather realistic environement you should give a try to those movies.

“Rubber” is maybe the strangest and surealist one, it follows the life a tire car murdering people with its newly acquired psycho-kinetic power. Yes, only that sufficed to got me interested. I laughted a lot, caughting up a tire car taking a shower is something that I find strange enough to be hillarous. Call me weird… The only thing I found rather annoying is that “movie in the movie” element which I didn’t really pay attention to. As if the director decided that the story of a killer tire too wasn’t strange enough and needed something more. This put appart, very enjoyable movie as the two other have been.


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