Midi Sequencer – Terminator Style

Nothing (supringsly) new recently. I had to repair a fried small stone and I’m still wondering what could be the cost of a protective diode at EHX. Fortunetaly enough for the owner I had a remaining CA3080 (from another old small stone) in my stock. I, of course, put a diode.

I put some work into my midi sequencer idea. It works pretty well I must say. I put myself away from the tradditional 16 steps sequencer, I want something more “modular madness” (Although it can step to 16 because it can output 100 steps)

A the moment the sequencer is rather simple. 100 steps containing two CV outputs (with a dual dac), a gate, a clock_out. It’ll be possible to clock it externally. The sequencer will also output midi data (to make good use of the atmega’s possibilities). The notes can be entered from midi input (easier) or edited with an encoder. The sequence can be transpose with a midi when the mode is activated.

Once the hardware done I’ll make a bit more funny (reset points, loops, ect…)

IMG_1692I’m getting tired of breadboard. Look at this mess. If you’ve money, don’t waste time and nerves go for the board and solder.

To minimize pin waste, I’m using a I2C nice little module with a PCF8574 (kind of I2C shift register) to control the LCD. The speed is a bit impacted but the sequencer doesn’t run very fast anyway.

All the fonctions (play/stop, reset, step, direction ect…) will also be manegeable with GATE signal via input jacks. Modular madness once again.

Digital is really great and allow to do a lot of things in small space. The harder part is always the User interface, how to send back the imformation about what the machine is doing.

I don’t like metal work but who’d do it for me ? The left part will be used for the I/O jack interface. If Terminator needed, in a rush, to build a sequencer it’d look like this I guess, In all its ulgyness…(why Termniator would need a sequencer…I don’t know…probably to cool down a bit skynet with nice music, killing humans is a quite an intensive task (those bloody two legged creatures are always moving around).


a crude but talented video in the “shaky” video style showing the “mode” menu and the “at the moment” crude transpose fonction (Actually it only serves the idea of documenting the project) :

I’ll post schematic/C code once I clean up both of them.

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