The Eagle nightmare

I’m using EAGLE for my stuff because…it is largely used and quite powerful. However, it is a nightmare to work with ! Some things don’t make any sense. One exemple, I want a CD4053…classic CMOS isn’t it ? so I put “cd4053” in the search bar, nothing ?! “4053” doesn’t work either… but If I put multiplexer, voila here it comes…Obviously if you pur “4053D” it appears. It is very annoying ! It does the same for huge quantity of things even the simplest “LED” I know it’s not biggy but It actually is considering the enormous length of the libraries included. It seems pretty logical to include such generic term to the components for easy acess, doesn’t it ?



I shouldn’t even talk about the creation of new parts, you have to make so many copy/paste and edit 3 files at the same time…I really should give a try to Kicad !



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4 responses to “The Eagle nightmare

  1. I had tried KiCAD and found it even more difficult to use than Eagle. Trying to do the simplest things felt like pulling teeth, and making new packages seemed so breathtakingly laborious as to make it practically impossible. Recently, I tried Sprint, and I’m in love it with…probably never going back to Eagle, and not going to waste time trying anything else.

    • Hi
      the same soulsonic that the one who was on freestompboxes ? nice to have you here.

      Good to know about Kicad. I’m using EAGLES because it’s used everywhere. I guess you have to make compromises with these softwares. I don’t know Sprint, I’m gonna take a look.

  2. Fabio

    use * for all search

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