The return of the color burst !

After being bery angry after of the crap national Job office, I kept calm and carried on…I went back to some of my old video synth idea and breadboard a sync splitter from the Synkie project. Isn’t it beautiful ? IMG_1640 The top trace is the LM1881/CD4011 couple which must drive a multiplexer, the bottom trace is the video signal from my old playstation. basically the LM1881 and the CMOS 4011 creates a switch state to the multiplexer (that I don’t have) to let the sync pass and then the video. Interesting! ! I don’t know if the start of the colorburst (which also triggers the CMOS) is noticeable for the multiplexer (200ns). Look at this beautiful colorburst ! IMG_1646 Pal (and NTSC) are so fascinating by their complexity. Today everything is 0 or 1 but this protocol is all about timing, voltages and phase comparaison. This was designed many decades ago where computers aren’t even thought about (or very little) ! It is quite sad to see what now tv channels convey on ariwaves…Oh by the way, all the people scared to death by Wifi communications, don’t tell them how their TV and Radio work, they’ll commit suicide !

As many of you must know, we, french, like do things differently, we created our own systeme called SECAM. Hopefully PAL was also supported. the only drawback I see, is the cost of video related components. Considering the large bandwidth, the speed needed and the large load you need specific components and video amp which cost a pricey price. synkie project :


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