Still struggling with that puppy. Could be so MUCH EASIER with a schematic. Although, actually, the overall architecture isn’t very complicated. A processor (Roland Labelled), some RAM, some ROM, a handful of op-amp for outputing all that crunchy audio and here you go.


I had to add cable lenght to open up the sampler like a book (yes that old thing made of dead trees).

Note that big ass Smart media card socket. It actually is used for loading samples for bank C/D.

Problemwise, I doubt that the ROM exceeded its write limit (somekind of 100000 writes), some noise can be heard from samples and the ptich knob works on it. Let’s say that the various datasheets are tricky to find (the product being almost 20years old of age). Some AKM DAC, Epson rom, and so on…The regulator gets pretty hot as well !

So, basically I’ve normal clocks and DATA coming into, somekind of data coming out. Is it the writting or the outputting which is malfunctioning? All buttons, software and multiplexing display stuff are working but no freaking samples out…

Layoutwise, it is quite clear and properly done. That’s what I like with Roland, always clean !

meh…some gutshots anyway…


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