Here’s an idea for a random circuit thing. It’s a mixture of what I’ve saw on the internet and quite buchla inspired too I think (Isn’t the 266 modules made of shift registers and XOR gates ?).


So basically, the comparator’s output is tripping according to the threshold (probability pot and CV) and the white noise. The lower voltage at the the inverting input the fewer bits are set (the threshold is higher) and vice versa. In the analog domain, it means that you can set the proportion of high or low voltage in your random thing (which becomes not really random anymore…).

The DAC is a R2R resistor ladder although I’m planning to try that circuit with an integrated Bourns R2R (don’t want to be bothered by wiring all that mess)


I started thinking about this project with a 74HC595 in mind, but they won’t be very happy with 12V up the ass and I don’t why to waste power with a regulator. I decided to use a CD4094.¬† Data clock must high enough to let the shift register do its work and only the output clock sends the data into the latch and out. It is interesting because that way we’ll get stable data and not moving ones. We could also clock the latch with a button or any kind of external gate.

Going further the idea can bring the concept of “random gates” using another shift register but not using a DAC, hence 8 random H/L output. Ideally the data clock must be different that for the analog converter one to get more “random”.

Please don’t take this schematic for a finish thing. It’s purely an idea and not fully tested so far. (one could also add a glide circuit, there’re so many things to do and so little space in this Eurocrack ! )



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