Vactrol VCA (2)

I spent some time adding stuff and tracing PCB.

I’m ashamed but there’s a jumper and an additional wire. It isn’t the cutest I’ve made for sure. I guess you can’t be smart, elegant and cheap at the same time…On the other hand I can see wires and jumper even in manufactured gear so…And I really wanted to save space and use single sided board (cost matter again).



Thinking about it, I screwed up the 2×5 pin conector’s supply connection, damn it!!

I’m still wondering if this is not to much, a two input mixer and two input CV with attenuators. Some made simpler without huge drawback…we’ll see.

I’ve tried adding both cv input and the “strike” for driving the LED, but the results were quite tame. A switch will rather select which one will attack the LED. I’ve also added solder pads for a push button to trigger the impulse input with chubby fingers (I’d like the idea of modular being more manually triggered)

Another good thing to add could be an ouput to the ” strike” input to create a quite crude but simple enveloppe generator for other devices. Obviously if I want to keep the fooprint small enough I should remove other pot and add a buffer.

So, I don’t know if I’ll change it or not (certainly), make it simpler with one input and so on…I’ve to finish another PCB for a buchla low pass age so in the meantime I could do that.



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5 responses to “Vactrol VCA (2)

  1. it seems really nice !
    did you made some extra pcbs ? šŸ™‚

    • Hi !

      no I haven’t pcbs yet. I’m doing layout for other project and will order in bunch (save shipping cost).

      besides, I’m not sure for that the actual format will remain. Maybe I’ll put an output for the crude enveloppe generator.

      If you’re interested i’ll put the eagles file available in wordpress server or in my github page.

      thanks for your interest !

  2. I also have a pure “clone” of the buchla low pass gate waiting to be made.

  3. fdigravatar

    very nice!
    Did you make PCBs for this and have any left?
    And for the LPG?


  4. Hi,

    thanks for your visit. Nope I’ haven’t made PCB for this project, nor the LPG one. Could be done if enough people are interested although vactrol aren’t the cheapest components now.

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