Digital eurorack sequencer

I exposed few weeks ago my idea for a 8 steps analog sequencer. I bought the binary counter and the multiplexer but I realised if I wish to keep the manual controls, the machine will be hughe in my rather small system. It seemed to me that it could be reduced greatly if made…digital.

There are many complains about digital because its compactness makes it full of features and sometimes hard to really use and quite counter-productive (menu, sub-menus). I decided to give it a go and make the less possible interaction with the digital side of it.

The project incorporates a LCD for obvious reason, displaying infos but I want the less interaction possible with it while still retaining the I/O of the original ideas and the manual controls. For this reason I may not include some fonctions which could be accessible only with pushbutton combinations or other brain-twisted process.

Basically, there will be a main page displaying imformation on the current sequences and two other for setting the notes/gate/rest and the for SAVE/BANK program. This first step is really to bring my original idea into this new format with a 16 steps. The more advanced things will come later if there’s any needs for them.


Here the C code which is at the moment very messy and not optimised at all (although I created other libraries for the project).

To give an idea of the all thing (I’m using an external clock which drives an interrupt for the DAC) :


edit : silly me, no need for an external clock. Just use a timer to CTC mode .


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