Drum Synth – How (not) to live your life

Let’s begin by saying, Winters is here ! It’s cold, very cold…

this is the finale of the module (sort of , as always). It works as expected and it made serious noises in my tube amp !




Still needs a bit of work, a ground bus for the jacks (useful for sharing ground with external sources). It needs proper knobs as well, as a better front panel.

The vaccant holes are the silly idea of the manual accent. Obviously they need their own circuitry to be useful. I may add that later.

I’m not sure I’ll put this monster on my case right now, because it is ugly (and good looking is important for such purposes !) and because maybe some more essential modules need to be added before. Morever, the eurorack format is quite small actually. Nonetheless they’re very nice sounding drum circuits, especially that long “bogggg” sound on the Drum bass with its low decay. lovely sound !

The additional mixer was a great idea (I may have some between two brain farts) and avoid having many cables plugged in it. Although it can be used with other sources as they’re driven by switching jacks (cf schematic below). The noise output is also nice.

MDF is great for prototype but not for serious front panel. I need to find a better and more reliable source for blank front panel. I’m considering the Doepfer ones although a bit expensive for the job. On the other hand they’re ready to use and you’e not risking your toes sawing metal sheets.

A few words about Doepfer, It was expecting some really cheap stuff and they’re actually very good. Cheap in a good way and this is interesting because they also offer more “special” modules as Low pass gate or Random voltages. It seems to me that Doepfer is to the modular what Boss is to the guitar pedals, cheap, well build without being fancy but very efficient with some extra crazy modules !

I’ve a 138A, the only complain I must say is the LM324 op-amp. But yeah, it’s a 0.25 euros change for a TL074 ! Very happy with Doepfer so far !

So yes, It was serious, long and boring work (but somehow, relaxing). However, it wasn’t as annoying as I though it would be. That was the first time I use these simple veroboards (I’m used to use stripoboards). For sure it’s ugly, maybe the ugliest project I’ve made so far, but it works well and I like the compactness of it

Here the additional things I did, nothing fancy but it makes the module very nice to use :




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