Walter the Wobot and his bit crusher

I’d like to add some digital madness into my incoming modular. Why not a bit crusher ?


It uses a 8bit microcontroller. A 16 bits timer is used to manipulate the sampling rate, the second 8 bit one is used to generate an LFO. The all bit crusher thing is happening with ANDing the input data with a random (or finite) number.

This vide shows the output data (top trace) being “bitcrushed” with the LFO which reads an array of finite numbers

The reading of a pot is also interesting although it creates really weird shapes. I think both ways could be added in the code.

The thing is, the bit crusher doesn’t take much data and space to work. I need to find other things to make its use worth it. Maybe several look up table for the digital LFO ?

However, the current DAC used (I2C) is slow as dog’s shit, I need to order a parrallele DAC (R2R) or SPI DAC.

I might post the code on my github but it is quite messy for the moment. Think as it as an C code breadboard !


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