Why I don’t vote…

Well I’m not a politic guy, I couldn’t care less about those useless parasitic dickheads who pretend to “govern” us (I think those few words may give my idea of it though). But Here’s why I don’t vote :

You’re not hallucinating, they’re public bench caged. Why are  they caged ? Simply to avoid homeless people to go sit on it. I found that astonishingly, humanly disgusting. And quite amusing on this “special” day, I couldn’t find better example. it shows perfectly the real reason of Christmas : MONEY. As you can see in the background, shops…Don’t bother the sheep costumer for christmas !

The funny fact is that we, France, often look down on other countries (especially USA) but we can be as stupid and mindless as others. Stupidity has no frontiers and this proves and demonstrates it.

So this is why I don’t vote. Paying taxes is an acceptable pain because (some of) the money is reintroduced into the community to finance social services, education, healthcare and many other things. And these are good things, any proper modern society should have those, primarely, free healthcare and free education !Although the money serves to pay (very well) those politicians as well (not happy with that).

But I won’t give my acceptance and my voice to such load of shitty and disgusting ideoligies those over-educated brainless dickheads can produce. And rest assure that they don’t go to the USA for that, they don’t need it when election time is approching…


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