Drums synth module…not yet

One couldn’t say that I haven’t tried, I did but I had to deal with issues and debugg activities. In fact, the noise was really odd (like a pink noise) which was caused by a dead transistor, the Base/emetter junction was open…dah. I changed it but the noise was now too much big for the requirements, I had to re-do the gain stage to fullfil the datas. So, it is no longer a clone…(although I never whished it to be)

Then I realised that I forgot the bias resistor on the maracas side, therefore the terrible offset and odd sound at the output was explained…dah !

Anyway, this all wiring stuff is boring but need to be done before I start module ! (that’s a terrible mess I know…)


Also I need to find a cheap and more good looking solution for the panels. I saw some plexiglass ones but my experiences with plexiglass case weren’t really positive (too fragile).


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2 responses to “Drums synth module…not yet

  1. Andrew

    I know how you feel, debugging is a real pain.
    The wiring looks like it was done by a spider having a bad day… LOL
    I hate untidy wiring but sometimes it can’t be helped.
    I’m looking forward to the finished thing.

  2. Hi,
    A very bad day indeed…I also hate that kind of mess but the veroboard isn’t helping and I wanted to make the most of it. I wanted to incorporate the most I could to make something powerful.

    I hope this all mess won’t make great damages on the audio side and on the signal/noise ratio.

    Also, I’ve just tried the accent pot and I’m not convinced, I think its purpose is to be controlled by external gate and a pot is quite redondante. I’ll try to modify it and add a switching jack instead.

    thanks for your interest !

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