Modular Weakness

I saw it coming . To be honest I had this in my mind for years when back in 2007 I discovered Yusynth projects and this all  modular stuff. I was watching a Make Noise presentation or the the harvestman which I really like the idea and aesthetic. I realised that I couldn’t be missing out on that modular thing once again. And if I don’t get into it at least I would have  tried.


The original idea was to build my own case with MDF but actually i’m very lazy and it isn’t really worth it in terms of money saving and time because of the various orders and sources you need to find. So why reinvent the weel n’est ce pas ?

I’ve always thought that, although most of the modules are “realistic” priced considering the great deal of fonctions you get, the cases and accessories are really wallet killers. You really feel the niche market. This doepfer case doesn’t escape from that but I was quite surprised by the quality of the case (and the good wood smell out of the box). Very well built, and nice touch of safety with the main plug protection cover.

For now it will stay as it but maybe I’ll put few layers of “tru oil” (or some psych posca motifs ? )

I think this modular case will be more “buchla”,  “sound design” or “ambient” oriented. I always thought of those long 10 minutes random sound as the sonic equivalent of Jackson Pollock.

anyway, I added a new obssession in my life…

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