eurorack Sequencer simulation

sometimes it helps quite a lot to draw the layout and the “user-interface” to continue the electronic design.After all we want it to be idiot-user friendly. So this how this sequencer may end up looking like (rough idea, I haven’t matched it with the HP scale) :

seq_euroLoads of switch, jacks and pots. it’ll be a really PITA with all those wires but no one will do it for me.

Not quite sure about all those LEDs though, it will look like a christmas tree (could be approriate in this time of the year, I’m hearing the red dressed coca cola sponsorised obsese bearded man comming with his big smelly breath…) but on the other hand it’s important to keep track of what the machine is doing.


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  1. Ha,Ha I like the Christmas tree effect! I make a 16 step sequencer about 12 years ago, and the LED’s do help one keep track of what is going on. As for the connections, I used lots of DIL headers that plugged into DIL IC sockets. I also tried (with limited successes) to make so I could sync it to MIDI.

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