Drum Synth

This is what seems to become my first module for modular synth.

Few months ago I breadboard(ed) the snare part of the Roland TR 808 just for fun but it was so much fun that I decided to build it as a “module”. This module is rather simple, it consists of 3 parts of the TR808. The Snare, the Maracas, the Drum bass. The maracas is present because it also uses the noise as main sound source. The white noise will also be available at the output with a 10V amplitude.

What’s more, I’ll add a 3 way mixer in the module to avoid using an external one. It will be totally indepedant and could be used for the drums or for other signal. To reduce wires, the signal might be routed to the mixer through switching jack.

Oh my god, did I just start talking about modular ? we’ll see…IMG_1252



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4 responses to “Drum Synth

  1. Interesting project with countless possibilities.

  2. hi,
    yes considering the limited place in the eurorack format, I want to maximise it. Also the panel will be MDF 3mm and the shop can’t cut below 10mm so It will be a large module.

    • Ah, bit of a pain about the front panel, there is always something, is’n there.
      Your A.H.D. envelope generator got me thinking. I think you can do it with fewer components. I f you want I can send you a schematic, I have not tried the circuit so there maybe something I overlooked, but I think it should work.

  3. front panels are always a pain. Besides I hate drilling and doing metal work (I haven’t proper tools and mistakes are so easy to make). However, If money isn’t a concern Schaeffer AG seems to have nothing to prove but price are high for a single unit. Few months ago I hoped for some blanked drilled generic faceplates but I found none.

    I had an idea brushing my teeth, maybe try using the same plastic that we used for guitar amps faceplate. I don’t know if it will be solid enough though but TubeTown offer a service for that.

    MDF will be good enough for such “prototype” purpose. If the results are good I’ll design a front panel and make it engraved from a shop.

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