Detroit Techno

here’s a nice documentary about Detroit Techno that I liked watching.

A thought about musical documentaries. Few weeks ago I started watching a documentary about Francoix De Roubaix who was a musicians who worked on music film and used electronic instruments. The documentary was uninteresting by the simple fact that you could listen to every french “hype” artist expect….Francoix de Roubaix.

I don’t give a shit about what Mr X or Miss Y think about Roubaix’s music. Nothing against them but I want an inside view, an explanation, a travel to understand Roubaix and his work not the opinion of “hype” musicians. I couldn’t watch that stuff for more than 25 min, there was no point at all.

This documentary is the exact opposite because it lets talk the main protagonists or people who were around at the time and close to the phenomena. And this the all point to understand this kind of things.

Anyways, enjoy that film it’s very good ! and If you don’t know that music I encourage you to listen to some of them !


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