Noise Machine

Few days ago I went back to a nice website and found an interesting project:

( that man (or woman) is really talented ! )

I decided to build something similar, a box highly dispensable but so much fun to use.

The main issue I have with that sort of things is to keep the circuit simple. The fact is, you’re always tempted to add a lot of fonctionalities and switches of all kind to increase the sound possibilities but doing so you increase the complexity, the wirring and the resulting headaches.

However, I think I found a comprising solution. One of the joystick will modulate the pitch, the other will modulate the frequency filter’s cut off. The LFO will be able to modulate anything you like (more or less). This isn’t the final schematic (the VCA isn’t the one I’ll use) but it gives the idea :

noise_machine_02I haven’t find a use for the other pot in the “pitch” joystick. Maybe the depth control of the LFO or its speed. Here’s the working prototype being build.

IMG_1236_02I wanted to build a PCB but all the parts didn’t want to fit in the limited Free Eagle Area (need to move to Kicad I guess) and I wanted to be sure of the working condition of the circuit. By the way, these OTAs are so fragile…

The other idea is to make that puppy transportable and useable everywhere you could annoy people so a built-in speaker will be added and the use of a battery allowed.

I’m still thinking about the case, certainly an engraved MDF panel which may look like this :

noise_boxI’m waiting for the joystick to arrive and the panel to be designed and then…building time !



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4 responses to “Noise Machine

  1. Bishka

    Look like it could be handy for making a range of sound effects. I think I would be tempted to add Pink and Brown noise filters.

    • Hi,

      brown noise ? as the poop brown noise ? (mythbusters?) don’t know for that one but yes pink or even a S&H could be nice (to modulate the vco pitch) The possibilities are endless but it depends on the space and the components count. I even had the idea of a switching system (CD4017 + CD4066 or Multiplexer) to assign the joystick to whatever thing I want to control but I’d need another perfboard and well, it’s a noise machine, may look like a lot of effort for such little thing.

      You can also build two separate VCAs for the VCO and the noise. Add an attack generator which can control anything. I think a lot of things can be added if size and time aren’t a concern.

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