Starve me baby (LM386 mistreatment)

In the last dinosaur den show, Fran Blanche explained some of her pedal design. It made me remember that I also have a LM386 hanging around and how good that puppy can sound if its input is starurated.

Going further, I wanted to try a thing. Starve that baby. What basically happen when you hit very hard your vintage-o-boring tube amp, can’t deliver the power needed and give that “spongy” sound (SAG you may call it). It’s more present on old valve rectified tube amp (because of the internal structure of the valve rectifier). So what happens basically ? you start from that (LM386 output)

IMG_1223_2No magic, just add a resistor (or pot obviously) in series with the v+ of the chip (or ground, it the power path anyway), it will reduce the current going in. Work good ! It gave some kind of very gnarly, crackely, synthy, almost-diying-type of sound. Well, it was supriseless because I knew that this will fuck up the bias but it’s always cool to sometimes be right. Add a massive gain in front of it and well you can obtain that Neil Young apocalyptic sound or my bloody valentine (more my thing¬† I guess). And you end up with that !

IMG_1224-2You can even go crazier and meaner…

IMG_1228-2I’ve just tried that circuit followed by a Boss GE7 (I love boss pedals) for the toneshaping. At the end I want something very “toneshapeable”, and god, it might be the next “stoner” fuzz pedal ! Soundwise it is close to My bloody valentine, Neil Young’s tone, Sleep or Torche (if your into the dark doom/stoner side)

I almost forgot how cool and relaxing creating simple effect pedal could be (but not for the neighbors apparently).

dinosaur den (that you MUST watch !) :



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