16:9 Technological Goofyness

When I watch a movie, sometimes I have a big red led flashing in mind, screaming (as well) : technologic bullshit !

You know when you realise that some prop makers haven’t done their job very well or when there’re some amusing technological¬†anachronism going on. Yes, there’re mostly detail that only geeks can be pissed of about. But sometimes it’s really too big and you can’t miss them and you go “really !”

So I decided to give it a go and spot the technologic goofyness in movies.

First stuff, Captain American and the winter soldier. Quite desapointing movie, the first one was really nice this one, not so much.

Captain and Scarlet enter a 70’s computer room. The ancient fridge computer, IBM stuff covered in dust. This all room lets you think that nobody went there since the 70’s. But look Scarlett there’s an USB hub just right there (and it’s dust free) !

cap_04_IBM_USB_02Obviously the all system boots up so smoothly…REALLY !!


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