Avatar (2009) – Unimpressed Pocahontas

Ok, this was a big movie when releashed. This is the second time I watched it, still unimpressed and I got bored. Basically it’s Pocahontas mixed with (tinny) bits of Sci-Fi.

As usual, the annoying black/white characters. The bad blood drinker army General who wants to destroy and kill every living thing (you know you see them in movie where their answer  is “missile” or “atomic bomb” everytime, for any questions asked) with his brainless Gi Joes. The corporate CEO who wants to steal and make money with whatever he can. Both don’t care about anything else than money, don’t know even what a neurone is. And there are the nice and funny smell scientists who want to study everything (which annoys the two other bad guys who want their stuff).

Add to that, without surprises, the main guy who landed here to get something out of it (his legs) and realise that there’s more to stay than to go back. The all thing seems caricatural and it is.

I can understand the need for such caricatural characters for an younger audience (it’s dumb as hell, kids aren’t stupid but I can get it) but sometimes it’s too much. And this is too much in this particular case. Beside, the continous adversity of Science and Miltary are wrong, there’s nothing like this and history can prove that. This main set up reminded me all those stupid tv movies and what Mars Attack showed quite nicely.

Obviously I’m not expecting a Kubrick or Lynch story and characters but it bit less obvious and “straigh to the point” could have been nice.

There’s no explanations on what humans are doing here expect stealing the unobtainium (unobtainable if you don’t get it, stupid name don’t you think, make you get the point quicker though) their need for it, how they arrived, how they discovered Pandora and so on…why are they here? they burn everything down on this planet for what reason, other than the obivous mineral ? No answers.

Considering the 3D and CGI, not impressed. Although I must admit images are great, no doubt about it and will certainly please an younger audience, it’s too “video game” without being it because of the real actors in it, quite distracting.

So basically there’s two things going on. The stealing and destroy habbit of human, in the “modern human style”. In this regard the message is clear, it’s a “hippy green movie” which is good. The imperialism as well wihich bring false concept  to justify all kind of atrocities. The second thing is the the travel of the main character into the unknown and fall in love with it, start a new life (lucky bastard) even though his original intentions were the opposite. This is maybe to strongest part of the film although not original either.

Good things, human get their ass kicked to the nose, and go back to where they came.

Considering all the fuzz and money spent for this movie, sorry, it’s remarkebly unremarkeble and quite boring I must confess. The plot is dull and “déja-vu”, caricatural characters, the movie doesn’t really get you in because it lacks substances, story and doesn’t really go beyond the main situations. The 3D thingy is distracting and the character so predictable.

Besides, it’s way too long.

I’m Unimpressed.


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